3d mapping modelling

Photogrammetry is simply the ability to take detailed measurements by electronically stitching together hundreds, sometimes thousands, of photographs. The output is generally a map or a 3D image, provided with key measurements such as the volume of an object, be that a large mound of rock or even a crater. 

Combining photogrammetry with a high definition camera mounted aboard a UAV (drone) provides one of the most powerful tools ever used in industry and gives professionals pinpoint accurate information about a project.

At Urban Air Pro we serve a wide range of industries providing valuable data that can literally be a game changer, saving not only time but vast amounts of money.


This service is typically used for, but not limited to topography mapping, large-scale engineering projects, design and architecture, manufacturing, health and safety monitoring and quality control.


Progress on building projects is another key use, with project managers able to see daily site changes, keeping projects on track and delivering them on time.

3D modelling 


In the same way, volumes can be calculated through this technology, we use 3D modelling to help visualise projects, for example in the reconstruction of a ruined castle, or other protected buildings.


Where large parts of the building are missing, we can extrapolate data from the remaining portion of the building and build an accurate image of what the building would have looked like. It’s clever stuff. 

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