We believe that Urban Air Pro is the first CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensed commercial operator to proactively offer clients either a male or female drone pilot, or sometimes even both!  

We recognise that in certain circumstances a specific pilot gender may be preferred, or indeed is a necessity. The same applies to our bespoke video editing service. 

A wedding is a great example; in our experience brides are very particular about how their perfect day will go and often feel they can convey their needs to another woman far easier than they can a man. 


Yes, we live in a very gender-neutral world, however from our perspective, when a bride says, “I want a female pilot, or I want a female to edit my wedding video” Guess what…. that’s exactly what the bride gets! 

Our approach to businesses is formal yet spirited. We push boundaries and question the status quo. We strive for excellence, accepting only the great. We're not afraid to lobby for change and we question the rule makers continuously.

For your absolute peace of mind, all our pilots are fully trained, insured and licensed to fly commercially. All have many years of flying experience specialising in a variety of sectors and situations, including TV productions, film, media and news.

Rest assured we have the pilot (or pilots) for your needs.

Our team of inspirational video editors are some of the most talented individuals in the business. Many of which have previously edited for huge brands in both TV and film.


For more details about our innovative bespoke video editing service click here 

Our state-of-the-art equipment is maintained to the highest levels, with an aircraft and sensor(s) for literally every conceivable situation…indoor and out! 

Need more than one camera (drone) angle simultaneously? No problem.


As per the Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2019 any UAV or drone pilot MUST have a current PfCO, this is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) provided permission and stands for Permission for Commercial Operations.Our permissions allow us to operate both day and at night. Such permissions are granted annually to ensure the highest possible safety standards are maintained across our industry. 


We hold a comprehensive, bespoke drone insurance policy which runs alongside our CAA permissions and includes Public Liability protection for up to £10million Public Liability. (Project dependent) Our principles are Safety First. Safety Second. Safety Always.


For more about us, how we work and what to expect, please click here or on the Our Approach link above.