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Drone use in agriculture and farming is big business. With pest infections and adverse weather cycles having a dramatic impact on yields, farmers must use every tool in the box to ensure their livelihoods.

Urban Air Pro provides a low-cost solution using advanced spectral and thermal imaging sensors and ultra-high definition digital imaging to provide landowners and farmers with up-to-the-minute data, quickly, easily and safely.

The use of drones or UAV as we like to refer to them can provide a host of benefits, from crop assessments, through to livestock counts and disease monitoring.

Crop scouting is a term widely used in relation to pest activity. It is used to evaluate the financial risk from infestations and disease, as well as to determine the effectiveness of pest and disease controls.

We provide our clients with detailed maps of their crops which can highlight a host of issues allowing for early intervention. We are able to monitor water levels or more specifically dry spots where crops are likely to fail. 


We can identify failed irrigation equipment, water catchments, understand the water-flow direction and other land features that influence both the health of the crop and where soil erosion may impact the yield. 

How does crop assessment work?


Sensors aboard the aircraft measure particular wavelengths of light absorbed and reflected by plants to generate colour contrast images. 


These images are generated using data such as NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) which look at the difference of near-infrared and visible light radiation to create a contrast on screen. 


Not only can soil, crop and woodland be told apart, but struggling plants can also be spotted because stressed or dehydrated plants reflect light differently. 



On large estates keeping an eye on livestock numbers can be difficult. Keeping an eye on perimeter fencing can also be a challenge. The use of drones can map literally every inch of acreage, count animals and can identify ingress points where unwanted predators may enter. 


A camera has a funny way of deterring unwanted guests on your property without the need of face-to-face confrontation. Flying over (safely of course) to trespassers to identify them and their vehicle can provide you with peace of mind. 


Many such guests do not come alone and can be very intimidating. Urban Air Pro levels the playing field by establishing who these people are and providing the information to the authorities. 

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