Confidential Editing

Those behind the camera love to stay behind the camera. 

Just as drone pilots love to be in the air (we know!) …however for every hour of video footage obtained, there is twice that sat in post-production editing the footage.


Therefore just one day’s footage is two days sat in editing…sigh. In some cases, depending on the treatment, even longer.

Editing can be a bind for those who find it a chore. But what if you discovered there was a way to provide your clients with the professional production you promised, including music and exciting transitions, without the hassle of doing it yourself?


Well, now you can. 

At Urban Air Pro we process hundreds of hours of footage every week, providing videographers and drone operators with a fixed editing price, enabling you to quote more accurately and more competitively. Let us ease your pain.​

As our relationship develops you will naturally find yourself gravitating towards the same editor that did your last edit. Where possible we make every effort to ensure you get that same editor. That said, you’ll be hard pushed to tell a difference, as all our editors have similar skill sets…they’re all amazing and talented people.

How it works… having identified the type of job you are embarking on, the amount of footage you’ll likely have, whether you want to incorporate photos, preferences in terms of music genre and transitions, (you may have favourite plug-ins that you would like us to use) we give you a fixed price. 

You then upload your footage... we produce a rough cut, you review it... we then polish it to a final cut! Simple.


A production to remember! A production that delivers on your commitments, builds on your reputation and aids in securing more work. Over time as we get to understand how you work, our prices often fall, meaning more margin for you. 


​We will give you pointers as to our preferred methods of work, such as filming in D-log or equivalent and helping us identify the shots you want us to use.  

Some clients like to see a list of rough cuts where we choose the best clips from the footage supplied, others are more hands on and provide clip numbers, stating times ‘in’ and ‘out’. We’re happy to work the way you prefer and price accordingly.  


The benefit of using our bespoke editing service is the people editing your footage are seasoned professionals with over two hundred years of combined editing experience between them.

That kind of experience is hard to find! As such we have a plethora of transitions and treatments that can bring your work to life, providing a production that gets your company noticed.  

Need a finished edit by the following day or even overnight? Yes, we offer that too... it's a little more expensive, but anything is possible.


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