Drone racing has become a phenomenon around the world, so much so it's considered a sport and is often featured on Sky Sports. The participants, who after many years playing with their games consoles have developed some pretty impressive hand/eye co-ordination. Check it out!


As with any sport, children aspire to emulate their heroes and develop interests in certain sectors or industries because of it. However drone flying is more than just a hobby or sport, look at us. 

Flying a drone can be enormous fun and a great party alternative to the ‘norm’ - This also provides an opportunity to teach young minds not just about how to fly…but about responsibility, safety, airmanship, aviation, weather, risk assessment and more besides. 


Looking for a really novel teenagers party for your son or daughter - Then why not have a drone party?

Our police checked UAV (drone) pilots can attend your venue (the bigger the better), indoor or out and will ensure that your party is one to remember. Not only will the partygoers be taught to fly safely in a fun and competitive environment, the content our drone pilots deliver alongside the fun is structured to provide practical life skills too.


Our aim is to inspire young minds to learn more about aviation, meteorology and safety. This is provided in a fun and exciting way with flight challenges and races. Additionally, with recent changes in the law (and more coming) our aim is to help keep your son/daughter on the right side of the law when flying their own drone.

Whilst novel we want to be upfront, our drone parties are not the cheapest way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. As you would expect there is a great deal of expense incurred in offering this unique service, from on-going training, licencing through to equipment, risk assessments and insurance. 

Our pilots (a minimum of 2 will attend) are fully trained and licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority. As you would expect they are fully insured to operate commercially. All pilots will be in company uniform. 


Pricing – all parties are completely bespoke and priced based on venue, number of attending guests and their ages. A typical event held within a sports hall, accommodating 10 teenage guests is in the region of £1500-2000. Optionally, guests can keep the drones they use. These vary in cost from £50 upwards. A quote and specifications can be provided if this is your preferred party bag! 


It is certainly a day to remember. 


To enquire about one of our bespoke party packages please email your requirements providing the date, number of guests (with ages), number of adults attending (more adults means increased safety), and details of the intended venue. Please also include any specific details so we can tailor your event exactly. 


Click here to email us


Please note: you will be required to obtain permission from the venue.

A full risk assessment is conducted and shared with all parties, including the venue. Safety First. Safety Second. Safety Always.