Our day or night Civil Aviation Authority permissions coupled with our association with the press lends for a perfect freelance arrangement, supplying aerial footage of breaking stories to mainstream media.


Whilst major broadcasters have their own teams of drone operators and equipment, resource is often limited and distances a challenge.

Urban Air Pro provides a dedicated service called ‘Full-back Resource’ where pilots are literally on standby 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to respond to breaking news. Our unique service provides an additional, far more dramatic dimension to local news coverage, particularly after hours. 


This service is initially being trialed and managed in the Midlands with plans to roll out to all major cities by Q4 of 2019. Additional areas will be brought online throughout 2019 starting in Q1. Media partners will be advised accordingly as a new resource becomes available across the UK.

How the Fall-back Resource service works:


All news desk calls are routed to a dedicated point of contact who then determines which UAV pilot is closest to the location. On occasion, depending on the story, a number of UAV pilots may be dispatched. 

All enquiries are treated as ‘time is of the essence’ with all pilots naturally keen to capture the most dynamic and dramatic footage. The footage itself is provided to the media in exactly the same way as any other provider of content in the industry. All prices are negotiable. 

Important: Where a broadcaster/media partner opts to retain a pilot on 24/7 call-out, the footage obtained by the UAV pilot will be provided on an exclusive basis for an agreed period. 


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