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Safety First. Safety Second. Safety Always.

It is our quality approach and working methodology that differentiates us from other providers. Being candid anyone can point a camera at an object, be it on the ground or in the air. It is the planning, the directorship and post-production treatments that set us apart from the rest.


At Urban Air Pro we pride ourselves on delivering true theatre and dramatisation to each of our productions, whether that be a series of executions to deliver a stunning video in isolation or a handful of shots to be included in a bigger project managed by a third party.

Our clients trust us to deliver the ultimate end product; videography that shows their pride and joy, be it a classic sports car, bike or super yacht, all in breath-taking excellence. 

Risk assessment
CAA pilot operating
Weather checks

Upon your


Every project is carefully assessed through a series of documented procedures.

Upon your instruction, the project is assigned to a member of management who will conduct a series of viability, safety and operational checks. 


This includes long-range weather forecasting and the formation of a detailed risk and deployment assessment.

Every project we undertake includes a site pre-assessment to ensure all risks have been considered and mitigated.

site visit

In addition to their safety role, the pilot will be looking at the site and surroundings to identify the type of videography that can be achieved. 

Permissions from other parties, including Air Traffic Control may be needed to carry out the project. This is discussed with the client at the time. 

Any additional information obtained through the site visit is added to the risk assessment and deployment notes.

Preparation is paramount to a safe flight.


As you would expect, our pilots will be in uniform, have identification and all necessary paperwork and equipment to conduct the project. 


A safety cordon will be put in place to ensure no one can accidentally wander into the area. 


Prior to the flight, a series of checks are conducted, including but not limited toowind speed, precipitation, visible satellites (these provide aircraft stability), temperature and general visibility. Air Traffic Control, the police and the RAF will also be notified ahead of the flight(s) commencing. 

post flight

The type of work we are undertaking will dictate what happens next. Some clients simply want the footage, others detailed reports. 


Where we are engaged in a cinematic project many days of editing will follow. This is discussed and agreed at the outset and costed accordingly into the project. This means no surprises for either party. 


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