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2019 Commercial Drone Industry Predictions

The golden age of drone technology is upon us, and 2019 promises to build on the industry’s evolution and success over the past year.

Drones have many services to provide

Enterprise drone use increased by 58 percent from 2016 to 2017 — with the construction, mining, agriculture, surveying and real estate sectors leading the way. What’s next as the industry grows through 2019? How will drones continue to transform our work and generate insights in new and innovative ways?

Evolution of the drone industry

Drones have started to become ways of transportation. Drones being seen as a “feature” of the restaurant delivery market in the UK within five years. Food delivery is the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing channel, with 755 million delivery visits last year (2018) as consumers ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner to their door. And very soon their food is likely to arrive by drone, according to global information company The NPD Group.

Restaurant operators are looking at new innovations to:

- reduce their costs

- expand their business

- stand out

- increase automation

- potentially more sustainable

- faster deliveries as traffic won't be a problem

Drones are on the cusp of becoming a key fixture in the delivery battle. NPD expects UAVs to be delivering food orders by 2024, with branded drones offering a new marketing opportunity and increasing customer loyalty.

NPD analyst, Dominic Allport, said drones are likely to be more sustainable than some other forms of transport and could work just as well in rural locations as cities.

Consumers will love the modernity of receiving their food order via drones but now operators are under pressure to get the formula right in terms of quality, price, freshness and speed-to-customer.

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