Inspections of any property, particularly at height is fraught with risk and expense. Cherry pickers, scaffolding and platforms are extremely costly and coupled with the need for highly skilled labour has historically dissuaded property owners and management companies from carrying out preventative inspections.


With UAV technology evolving so quickly, the use of unmanned multi-rotor aircraft (drones) to carry out roof and general property inspections has meant that property agents, commercial landlords, councils, housing associations, surveyors, and homeowners can now obtain a host of ultra-high resolution video reports at a fraction of the price.


Our high-skilled pilots will traverse along, around and over literally any structure, carefully recording every detail. Due to the high quality of the footage, clients can zoom in and inspect areas that could pose a problem in the future.

Management companies, property investment companies and consortiums with major assets that require frequent evaluations be that for safety reasons, performance or valuations, the use of drone technology provides not just evidence, but peace of mind. 


Listed buildings, hotels, mansions, flat-roofed warehouses, chimneys, masts, wind farms…and even your home, identifying problems early will save you thousands in the long term. Video evidence of an inspection could mean the difference of successfully making an insurance claim, or not. 


About to have some work done on your home? Why not get a before and after inspection to ensure the works you’re paying for have been conducted properly.

Prices for residential* roof inspections start at just £195, however, if we’re inspecting neighbouring properties too, this could be as low as just £95. (*Based on a typical 3 bedroom property)


Before and after inspections to protect against poor workmanship start at £295 – check with your insurer as this potentially could be re-claimed if the insurer sees the benefit of knowing that works have been conducted to a high standard.


Commercial roof inspections start at £695 and are subject to size and complexity. All other inspection work, including asset management, is priced on application. 


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