The classic sports car, the super yacht…boys’ toys and more besides! 

Supplying our services to the rich and famous is of course very interesting and at times a great privilege depending on what we’re filming. A restored Aston Martin or classic Ferrari charging around a closed circuit quite frankly makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! 

The sweet smell of spent fuel and the barking sound of their powerful engines is simply an experience to behold. 

New or restored boys’ toys doing what they were designed to do is the perfect opportunity to capture epic footage to share and enjoy.


On or off-road we use an ‘airtrack’ system to provide the same stability film crews use in the making of major productions. This is where we excel.  


Abseiling, mountain climbing, 4x4’ing, mountain biking, road racing, skiing, track days, hiking, camping the list goes on...if its fun and recreational, it’s a memory worth capturing. 

An additional area of expertise, which is our ability to film in all weathers. Conventional drones don’t work in the rain…but ours do!  


Also equipped with the latest camera technology we provide our services to the marine, water and sports industries. 


Whether you own a super yacht or manage one for your employer, we can provide breath taking footage of your vessel in all weathers, anywhere! 


Above and below the waterline. Our pilots travel all over the world to provide the perfect cinematic experience.  

Are you into extreme sports too? 

Then look no further, your compact film crew is standing by to accompany you on your next daredevil feat! (Some of our clients bring their chef too!) 

Underwater adventures/treasure hunting? 


Yep, our underwater drones can capture you beneath the waves too!  


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