Urban Air Pro has extensive knowledge of frontline policing and provides the emergency services with access to our specialist equipment and knowledge. We avail ourselves 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and are prepared to respond immediately to incidents as they happen.


Having the expertise and equipment (and of course insurance) to fly both day and night, in sub-zero temperatures and even in the pouring rain, our service is unrivalled. 


We use a combination of aircraft, cameras and thermal imaging equipment to gather intelligence, identify persons in need, persons evading capture and those who have simply become lost. 

Our specialist cameras record crystal clear images to provide accurate and vital intelligence to the police and other authorities who are engaged in building 

intelligence-led cases or are involved in preventative surveillance of parks and open areas in a bid to prevent crime or anti-social behaviour.

From experience, we know a camera has a great way of dispersing large groups of youths who have told mum and dad they’re at a friend’s house! Our equipment is 

particularly useful in rural areas where crime is on the increase.

Missing people - In police terms, a missing person is referred to as a ‘misper’.

These are often children, the elderly or vulnerable people who for whatever reason suddenly go missing. Walkers and climbers are often caught out by changing light or weather and can easily become stranded or disorientated.


With our winters colder and more unforgiving than ever, finding vulnerable or missing people quickly is a priority for the emergency services. It is in these circumstances that UAV or drone use becomes invaluable. 

Using specialist equipment we are able to systematically search large areas of land, quickly and efficiently, saving both time and resource, day or night. If the identified person is difficult to access, we are able to ‘fly and drop’ emergency supplies such as food and water, a thermal blanket and even medical supplies, whilst a rescue plan is formulated.


Cost and Environmental Impact - Whilst historically helicopters were the only tool at the disposal of the emergency services to capture aerial data, advances in UAV technology has dramatically changed that. Nowadays organisations like ours are able to offer our already stretched public services with far cheaper, more flexible, more environmental alternatives.

There are so many benefits of using drones over helicopters, one major one is refuelling. The obvious cost and impact on the environment aside, unlike a helicopter that needs to return to base to refuel, we simply change a power pack and we’re back in the air immediately. As we are insured to have multiple aircraft in the air at the same time, we literally miss nothing!


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