Providing aerial data to the professionals… 


To excel in professional sport, whether that’s rugby, football or hockey, data is essential to any sports professional. At Urban Air Pro we provide coaching teams with so much more than just GPS and heart rate data.  


With the protection of a robust non-disclosure agreement, our pilots can attend and film training sessions directly from above, providing the coaching staff with a permanent ‘eye in the sky’ as various drills and plays are carried out.   

Whilst GPS can show the location of a player, where was the player looking? What about their arms? Were they outstretched or by their side? How much did a player miss that tackle by and why?


Knowledge equals success.

With a live camera feed, the coaching staff can rewind and view training plays, even in slow motion, frame by frame. A real game changer. Literally. 


This key information compiled with existing data can help coaches (and players) understand and enhance their performance beyond what is considered ‘the norm’. 


Many individuals are visual learners, so what better way to explain a play, or show why a play didn’t work than to physically watch it on a screen?  


The fact remains, to win, ‘the norm’ just doesn’t cut it, so get all the data…not just some of it! 

Data security and confidentiality is key, particularly when it comes to competitive sport. For this reason, Urban Air Pro has adopted a robust Information and Security Policy. To ensure there are no conflicts of interest our pilots are dedicated to a single club.  


For ease of budgeting, our services are charged by the hour. Prices start at just £80 per hour. To find out more, or to book a demonstration, please contact us by clicking the button below.


In addition to our normal aerial data, we are currently seeking a professional rugby team to work alongside us (and a well-known university) studying the signs of imminent muscle fatigue by using our unique on-board sensors. 

The objective is to provide the coaching team with yet more data to detect and prevent unnecessary injuries.


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