Urban Air Pro supplies its underwater services globally; standing by to investigate, film and analyse marine and coral reef life…and so much more besides. Using state of the art technology we can dive to over 500ft and record in ultra-high definition…and not ever leave the surface.


Marine biologists, underwater asset inspectors, emergency responders, holidaymakers, boat owners, surfers, scuba divers, salvage and treasure hunters…our specialist equipment will capture every aspect of your mission or adventure.

Operating in temperatures in excess of minus 10 degrees our underwater drones can go anywhere. Check boat hulls, zincs and props quickly and easily. Pre-check or identify the perfect dive site, inspect a wreck, search an underwater cavern or look for a leak in an underwater pipeline, the uses are vast. 


Fishing – we are the perfect fishing companion, club together and take us with you on your next fishing trip. Our underwater drone will confirm the best fishing spots, whilst our waterproof aerial drone drops the bait in the area from the air. Fresh and sea water, our equipment can handle it all. Ultimate fishing success awaits…the question is who will land the biggest?​

Monitor ecological changes, review biomass environments and inspect equipment and assets. Off-shore or near-shore we can look at mooring lines, run surveys, or check for damage or fouling.


Commercial or for fun…the water beckons. Ocean scientists estimate that 95% of our oceans are still unexplored. Are you ready to discover your little bit? If so, we’ll capture every exhilarating moment in 4K quality and produce the most amazing production you can imagine. 


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