The birth of a child is probably about the only day that will trump your wedding day. If you are really lucky you will only ever experience just one wedding day in your whole life, therefore having the ability to reminisce and enjoy that perfect day with your partner, family and friends is paramount.


Traditionally photo albums, camcorder and smartphone footage is the only way to do this…and to this day is the accepted norm… but who wants ‘the norm’?


The addition of aerial videography on your wedding day provides a totally new dimension to your special day. We are specialists in creating unique production moments that your guests will enjoy being part of. Whether that’s getting them to form shapes or words that convey their love for you, or capturing those funny moments when your guests (often the children) are off doing things they shouldn’t.The use of a discreet drone is the way to really put the ‘wow’ in your special day.

Our aim will be to capture the whole day from above and work with your photographer to provide stunning Ultra 4K high definition imagery of you and your guests coming and going.


For that really special memento…allow us to prepare you a 3D model of you and your partner or your entire wedding party! As the aircraft (drone) traverses around your party, it is programmed to take hundreds of photos which are then stitched together and processed into a 3D image. This image can then be made into a model using just about any material, from plastic to gold!



We offer differing levels of service depending on your needs and who else is being entrusted with editing your wedding video. Please note two pilots are provided for every booking. Additional safety crew may also attend. IMPORTANT: Please read the Our Approach page to better understand what is involved. Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

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To secure the day of your wedding in advance, an initial booking fee of £100 is payable

film only

To attend the FULL day with two aircraft

Film ONLY - £895 

(Footage is supplied to your photographer or videographer for editing with other content)


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On a budget? We can provide a number of generic aerial shots of your venue to be edited into your wedding video Film ONLY - £195


(Footage is supplied to your photographer or videographer)

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To attend the FULL day with two aircraft, two pilots

Film and Edit - £3995 


(Footage is supplied by your videographer for us to edit his/her content into our production)

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3d modelling

3D Modelling - Prices are obviously dependent on the size of the model and the material you choose.

Costs: POA


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